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boost your conversion rate

Block shopping extensions. Keep your customers.

How does it work?



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The script will identify shopping exensions like Amazon Assistant and Honey appear on your website and block them for the viewers.


Is it safe for my website?

Yes. You can be sure we don't add any cookies and don't misuse any customer data. Each version of the script is carefully checked to prevent any security issues. Our users are charged for getting access to the script - and this is the only way for us to get monetary outcome from it.

Will it slow down my website?

No, it won't. Our script is engineered to run entirely in the background and should never cause any site speed issues. The design of the script and how it interacts with our servers is similar to how the Google Analytics script works. It is extremely small - 2KB, gzipped.

Why do I have to pay for the script every 

It is made to save your money, so we think this is honest. We also need to pay our dev team. From our side we are committed to keeping the script up to date and adding new features.

Block shopping extensions. Keep your customers.